Cranial Therapy Success for Non-Sleeping Toddler

My daughter had never been a good sleeper and at age 2.5 she was waking up every few hours throughout the night. Her naps were only to 30-45 minutes max in the afternoon.  Her restlessness at night was accompanied by screaming bouts when she would wake up and when I say screaming  I do not mean an upset cry.  She was inconsolable.  She was screaming a cry you could not ignore and she could not express to us what was going on.  We were unsure if she was having nightmares or was sick or in pain, but it was even more extreme than that.  She would shoot straight up in bed.  When that happened It was extremely difficult to get her back to sleep, so many nights we would bring her into our bed to try to calm her and soothe her.

She would fall asleep on my chest but it was never a restful sleep.  Once we got her back to sleep it was a very light and restless sleep where she would toss and turn for hours and have bouts of screaming throughout the night.  The only place she was able to rest her head and get a little shut-eye was on my chest.  With all of this you can only imagine that we were a little tired to say the least.  On top of that we had a 2.5 year old that was exhausted and beyond cranky.  She had a very short temper and was overstimulated very easily.  This made for very long days and even longer nights.

It was suggested that we try cranial therapy and at that point I was open to trying anything.  I was skeptical that it would produce results but figured we had hit rock bottom so worst case scenario nothing would change.

My daughter relaxed to Tony’s touch pretty quickly and pretty soon fell asleep on my chest (snoring) as he was working on her head.  That was a sound that I had not heard too often and definitely not in the past 6 months. That afternoon she napped for an hour and a half.  That evening she only woke one time, without tears, and we were easily able to get her back to sleep in her own bed.  She slept until 7 am that morning.  Within a few days we actually had a full night of sleep with no wake-ups and she woke up happy and rested in her own bed. To top it off she had even taken a 3 hour nap that afternoon!
For anyone that has a child that doesn’t sleep you know how huge this is!  She was more pleasant during the day and began to explain her frustrations instead of just being cranky and throwing horrible tantrums.  It has been 5 nights since her treatment and we have had more sleep than I remember having in a long time!  She is napping well and has a much better demeanor.  She does not fight naps or bedtime and actually likes her bed again.
I am a true believer!  Tony is a healer!  We are so thankful for the treatment!  Anyone that is having sleep issues should definitely see Tony!
IMG_1661Mike, Jill and their (sleeping at night!) daughter Brooklyn
Jill is the FIT4MOM Front Range Membership and Special Programs Coordinator as well as the Littleton Stroller Strides and Body Back instructor and running coach. They are expecting baby #2 in September!