Emily: Hip and lower back pain in pregnancy 

I first came to Tony last Spring after visiting my chiropractor numerous times for my cramped neck and not feeling any relief. He was able to give me some tips and excercises that improved my neck pain in just a few visits.  Because of my experience last spring I decided to go back a few weeks ago and have Tony work on my hip/ lower back area. I was 34 weeks pregnant and would cramp up so bad that I could hardly walk after laying down for a while. Again, it took just one visit to feel relief. I was amazed and slightly disappointed that I didn’t see Tony earlier in my pregnancy!! I had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for the following day. I knew I needed to explain that my hip felt much better after Tony’s adjustment. I asked that she wouldn’t adjust my hips so that it would stay in place. Unfortunately, she went right on and popped them like usual and undid the work that Tony and Amy had done. Thankfully I knew it could be fixed, so I came back to the Bare’s with the regret of seeing my chiropractor, and they were able to work their magic again. I love how they work together as a team and really truly want you to experience a pain free life. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me! I can’t express how greatful I am for your practice!


Hannah: Visceral therapy for heart burn 

I had been suffering from acid reflux for years when I first met Tony. It had gotten so bad that it had totally altered my life- I had tried every medication there was without lasting results and had to give up all the foods I loved. Even on a low acid diet, I was still waking up in the middle of night with symptoms and had a sore throats that would come and go. I was extremely skeptical that he could fix my issues but after 2 sessions, I was finally able to go off the PPIs that I’d been taking for years. It was totally life changing but the real test came after I became pregnant for the third time. I haven’t had nearly the problems that I did with my prior 2 pregnancies and can usually get my stomach settled down using the techniques that Tony showed me. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who has suffered from these issues like I have.

Jill, mom to former non-sleeping toddler Brooklyn:
Cranial Therapy

My daughter had never been a good sleeper and at age 2.5 she was waking up every few hours throughout the night. Her naps were only to 30-45 minutes max in the afternoon……..

………….She does not fight naps or bedtime and actually likes her bed again. She’s sleeping well at night and napping during the day.
I am a true believer!  Tony is a healer!  We are so thankful for the treatment!  Anyone that is having sleep issues should definitely see Tony!

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Linda: Custom Orthotics

I met Physical Therapist Dr. Tony Bare when my physician referred me to him for therapy on my knee a couple of years ago.  During the treatment Tony told me that my knee problems were associated to problems with my foot. I knew I had problems with my right foot and had suffered for 15 years when I ran.  I had a Morton’s neuroma that had been treated with cortisone several times with no improvement and I was considering surgery to cut the nerves.  Tony said he could solve the issue with orthotics that he made.  I was skeptical but thought it was worth a try.  He evaluated my foot, watched me run barefoot and created an orthotic that was made for the movement of my foot, not just the static position of my foot while standing.   The results were amazing.  I had not been able to run or play tennis without pain for years, yet with the orthotics I was pain free from day one.    Tony not only solved my foot problems without surgery, he has since helped my knee pain, and successfully treated me for neck pain. He is the best and I refer anyone I meet that needs a physical therapist to him.   From a die hard tennis player.

Dave: Custom Orthotics

Mr. Bare makes the best orthotics I’ve ever tried… And I have tried many!

Linda: Cranial Sacral Therapy

Tony, I am so grateful for the extraordinary care I received from you. At age 65, I had a lot of old injuries including TBI and had resigned myself to living with pain. While you helped me in so many ways, the cranial therapy was profound. I still laugh when I remember your comment that my immobile forehead was the worst you had seen in all your years of practice! My entire head is open now, the head pain is gone and my neck has greatly improved as well! Beyond your incredible skill, I am awed at your sensitivity and intuitive nature. You discovered issues that were deep and have given me so much relief! You’re one in a million, Tony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Amy: Custom Orthotics
mom, marathoner,
FIT4MOM Front Range owner

 After what I thought was a running injury during an intense marathon training, Tony found structural abnormalities in my feet that were instantly corrected with custom orthotics that he made. I was able to immediately begin running after weeks of being off with pain and was back up to training distance in a few weeks. I’ve had significant improvement in foot, knee and hip pain and even after 20 mile training runs I feel little more than just tired in my legs. I’m so excited to continue to improve my distance running with his guidance and expertise. Without the orthotics I would not have been able to continue marathon distance racing but now I get to do it better than ever! If you are a runner and you have any aches or pains that interfere with your ability to train and run at the level you desire, go see Tony!

Lance: Headache Relief

Tony is a great Physical Therapist and healer. I had terrible tension headaches that were affecting all parts of my life. Tony’s treatments provided instant relief. Over the course of several treatments, my headaches have nearly disappeared. I am very grateful to Tony.

Meredith: 11 year old Orthotic Patient

Mister Tony helped me so much for my feet, I had a lot of trouble participating in Taekwondo, gymnastics, hiking and running.  He gave me some stretches to do at home and he would massage my calves.  It was painful sometimes but Tony was so kind, encouraging and sweet to me, I didn’t mind.  I used to cry every day because my feet hurt so much but now, I don’t cry at all any more.  The best part of knowing Mister Tony, he made me special orthotics for my shoes to help my feet everyday!  I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Mister Tony

Mary: Cancer Patient

I met Tony Bare in August of 2013.  I had recently been diagnosed  with Matastasized breast cancer, plurill effusion and malignant tumors.   A close family member told me that he was given a gift to heal
In August of 2013 I had my first treatment.  I continued to visit Dr Bare for treatment for the next year about every two to three months.  I live in New England  and Colorado Springs is a long way from my home.  My cancer remained stable with out any change.
It has now been two years with out significant change in my disease.  I have only been able to be treated every six months in the last year but it has made a significant difference in the quality of my life.  I can’t explain the medical side of his treatments but he has been blessed with healing hands.  The lord has blessed me  by putting Dr Bare in my life.


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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Leo
    I am a 65 year old male who is a disabled veteran.I have had two total knee replacements and one total hip replacement. These surgeries were all facilitated through the Veterans Administration. I have been the patient of four various physical therapists, at various junctures associated with said surgeries. While I am not an expert on physical therapy I feel that I can ascertain who truly cares about my well-being and who, more or less, sees me as a patient who is a source of income. Tony most assuredly is first and foremost concerned with my well-being as is evidenced by his hands on approach. Most physical therapists see several patients at a specified time and then assigns them various exercises to perform, thereby generating a more favorable revenue stream. Tony Bare,as my experience dictates, will spend the allotted time with the patient often doing a procedure similar to “deep tissue” massage. This means Tony spends the majority of the patients allotted appointment time with the patient, as opposed to juggling five or six various individuals who could benefit from a more personalized approach. In conclusion, Tony is not only an excellent physical therapist who truly cares about his patients, but Tony is also wonderful human being.

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  2. I cannot thank Tony enough! I have been using my insoles for about 5 months now, what a game changer! I was having pain in my left foot and a bunion forming. After a consultation from Tony he explained why everything was feeling the way it was. Tony explained how the insoles would help and everything was 100% true to his word. My runs have not only increased in distance but speed as well. The best part is ALL of the pain is gone…completely! Best investment ever! Thank you Tony!!!


  3. I am a 53-year-old with Fibromyalgia and a lower back injury. I am so thankful to Dr. Tony Bare for his treatment and orthotics. I didn’t realize how my poor body mechanics were impacting my Fibromyalgia and making it worse. In only a month’s time I noticed a change in my gait. My fatigue has improved tremendously, as Dr. Bare explained that my body is no longer working as hard. This is due to more efficient movements with the use of corrective orthotics. My balance has also improved. I don’t trip over my feet the way I used to and my center of gravity is much better. I have more stability when I move. Of course there was a slight adjustment period with the orthotics, and Dr. Bare makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns. My follow-up appointment was wonderful, as Dr. Bare was able to release some muscle tightness that had developed in my foot/ankle area from the “retraining of muscles”. This has been a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend him or the orthotics enough. I plan on continuing to visit Dr. Bare for tune-ups as my body continually adjusts and responds to the orthotics. We are very blessed to have him in Laramie!!


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