House Slippers for Orthortics

Friends, Amy found a house slipper that works perfectly with orthotics. You can put an orthotic in the slipper or I can put a permanent modification in the slippers for you. With winter coming we needed a good solution for hard floors, cold feet and wearing an orthotic because if you are like Amy, she needs that support when she’s home as much as when she’s not.

The brand is TOMS and the insole that comes with them easily comes out.


TOMS can be found easily online, just Google search it or at Journey’s, Nordstrom Rack and Dillard’s locally.

If you prefer to have the permanent modification the cost is $50 for one pair of slippers/shoes or $90 for two pair. You can also put your existing orthotics in them if you want to swap them out with your other shoes or you can order an extra pair for $85 to use exclusively in the slippers.




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