Cranial Therapy


What if your head wasn’t on right? What if you weren’t right in the head? What if your head wasn’t on straight? Why do we have so many common phrases that describe cranial dysfunction? Because it REALLY does happen!!! I’ll admit that when I was in school the notion that something might not be right with the bones of the skull was openly scoffed at by my instructors. Fortunately I’ve had my eyes opened by clinical practice and my hands have become calibrated to assess the subtle changes in cranial bone alignment and movement…and then fix it!

How does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple if you picture your brain as the most important organ in your body suspended in fluid and filaments that support and lift the brain from every imaginable angle from the skull to the brain. Now imagine if one of those skull bones is twisted or flexed… imagine if it’s not able to adjust to the blood pulsing inside the brain because it’s “stuck”. What symptoms might it cause? Anxiety, sleepiness, sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering, headaches, dizziness, jaw pain (TMJ/TMD) are the more obvious ones. It could affect anything that your brain manages:  your hormones, your blood pressure, your coordination.

Please read my testimonials and if you have a toddler with sleep issues please read THIS STORY.   I’ve treated TBI, Concussions, CHI, Headaches, TMD, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, memory issues and I’ve even treated Restless Leg Syndrome! Cranial Therapy is so powerful for some particular pathologies that you will notice a great difference after only one or 2 treatments. Give it a shot, you may be able to quit buying the industrial sized bottle of pain killer or get off all your sleeping medications!!

LTC Tony Bare (ret), DPT, ATC, OCS
Physical Therapist/Owner
Colorado Springs, CO

4 thoughts on “Cranial Therapy

  1. Hi Tony.
    My wife and I both have a hard time sleeping. For myself, I also notice that my brain seems to be banging against my skull and it feels wooden.
    I live near San Jose, California, and wonder whether you can recommend a therapist in my area.
    Mike Meyer


    • HI Mike, I’m sorry for the late response, I just saw this. I do not know anyone in the area but do some google searches for cranial sacral therapist and surely someone good will turn up! Good luck


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