Rates & Insurance

1 Hour Visit: $85

45 Minute Visit:  $65

Half Hour Visit: $45

Custom Orthotics
Evaluation: $30
Construction: $95-105 per pair

In shoe corrections:
$60 for one pair of shoes

$80 for any in-shoe correction covered with vinyl (this additional material protects the orthotic in shoes where you wouldn’t wear socks ie sandals).


Bare PT is an “out of network” provider…that means I don’t take your insurance. If I did, I’d need a billing and administrative departments and that would just drive up my costs…HOWEVER, I can write you a receipt (superbill) which you can file with your insurance and be reimbursed based on your insurance coverage and allowances. You can also use my receipt to be reimbursed from a flex spending account.

If you look at my cost schedule you will see I don’t charge much more than you would pay for an hour of massage and with me you are getting more than 25 years of experience, a doctoral degree and two advanced board certifications. My philosophy is all about healing you in as few visits as possible and empowering you to maintain your new-found health and wellness through education and an exercise or two. I’m not about getting rich off you or your insurance, I’m about healing you and making a living off your referrals to your friends and family.  You will notice a difference from the first visit and you will gain another thing that most have lost in modern health care…Hope.

We accept cash, check or credit cards

4 thoughts on “Rates & Insurance

  1. Is there something you can do for hammer toes and bunions. I buy wide width shoes but I like to hike and my toes hurt if I go more than 4 miles. Thanks,


  2. Hanglund’s Deformity/Achilles Tendonitis: I just came from a visit with Dr. Anna @ Dany’s PT who recommends you very highly. I’m so excited about the hope that she gave me about treatment for this diagnoses from my D.O. that I now have and she suggested that your custom made orthotics might be of some support. I am being conservative, as I am a bit skeptical. I have ordered some other orthotics off of Amazon for the time being to find out if those might work. Now, just as you and Dr. Anna, I also have my doctoral degree, mine is under Sports and Performance Psychology. I am interested in anything you have to comment on about how your orthotics could be of some help with my particular issue? Have you had any experience with clients having been diagnosed with this? If so, how have your orthotics aided with the discomfort?


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