Orthotic Evaluation: In Person and Remote

Sometimes subtle alignment issues in your feet can create circumstances that put you at risk for pain/injury anywhere from your low back down to your feet OR these circumstances are significant enough to prevent you from fully recovering from a different injury. If this is you, you might be a candidate for orthotic intervention!

The difference between orthotics and arch supports:

Arch supports try to improve your mechanics by supporting your arch, however, your arch was never designed to be a primary weight bearing surface. So, a typical arch support is generally a 10% solution at best and at worst causes so much arch pain that most people do not wear them.

Orthotics are designed to improve your mechanics by subtly tilting your heel or the bones in the front part of your foot to reduce or improve movement patterns and most patients will notice and immediate improvement in their pain. I have made over 5000 pairs of custom orthotics in my career  with a very high success rate.

The evaluation itself will involve a series of stationary measurements followed by assessment of you walking barefoot on a treadmill. The exam will result in a series of recommendations that may or may not include any of the following:

advice on shoe selection
advice on over the counter shoe inserts
advice on custom modified shoe inserts

If I make you custom orthotics there is no break in period. You should be able to wear them and you should wear them as much as possible without the orthotic causing any foot pain.

Custom Orthotics
Evaluation: $30
Construction: $95-$105(plus shipping if mailing)

  • REMOTE/VIDEO EVALUATIONS:  If you do not within driving distance to Laramie, WY or Colorado Springs, CO, you can provide a video for gait analysis and snail mail foot tracings. Please visit this Video Gait Analysis link for more instructions.
  • Be sure to read my post on The Fallacy of Arch Supports for more detailed information on why it’s not uncommon for why other orthotics or off the shelf products fail.
  • If you want to know more about my experience and background in orthotic fabrication go HERE

LTC Tony Bare (ret), DPT, ATC, OCS
Physical Therapist
Laramie, WY

Orthotic magic Bosnia, Camp Eagle, 2000


Custom Orthotic Fabrication

2 thoughts on “Orthotic Evaluation: In Person and Remote

  1. I learned about your Custom Orthotics thru Parkview PT in Pueblo, CO. They recommended I contact you. At the present time I have inserts from a pediatrist, goodfeet and several over the counter. The therapists at the Pueblo clinic looked at the way the inside of my shoes were wearing and filmed me walking.
    Please let me know when you are in Colorado Springs.
    Thank you,


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