What to Expect

Unhurried patient-centered appointments to address your rehabilitative needs, questions, and concerns.

Every visit will be one-on-one care for 30 to 60 minutes.

A treatment approach primarily focused on manual therapy to relieve your symptoms by healing the primary pathology.

Exercises: When it comes to exercises…I believe in less is more. Don’t expect to come to my clinic to exercise…you will come to my clinic to receive healing focused manual therapy hands-on treatment…I may then show you an exercise or two to maximize the healing effect of my treatment and place you soundly on the road to recovery and resolution of your pain!!

Each treatment should build on the gains of the preceding appointment and there should be subtle or dramatic changes in the hands on techniques I use…As I heal and fix one structure or tissue…I’ll move on to the next and the next until every contributing faulty system is addressed and you have optimal resolution of your pain. Nothing annoys me more than a clinician that beats a dead horse in treatment:  you go in for 10 or 20 visits and essentially receive the same treatment each time and you are only marginally better. In those clinics at the end of a month the only thing really impacted is your wallet. I’ll adjust treatment each visit and if after a couple we aren’t making any progress I’ll direct your in options for where to go from there. I won’t just keep treating you for $$ sake. I want you to get well and if I can’t make that happen in short order I’ll let you know.

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