Homestead Bound!

Homestead Bound…
Many of you have known that Amy and I have always had the ultimate goal of moving to the country in Wyoming or Nebraska to get closer to my parents and out of the “city”.  Well, we found a home that met our extensive criteria and we are under contract with a closing date (God Willing) of 7 July 2017 in Laramie, WY.  There are still some deal-breaking type issues that the seller needs to address, but we are moving forward under the assumption that the first week of July will be the last week before we move…that’s the bad news.  There IS good news!!

1.       I do plan on coming back to Colorado Springs 1 week every month for several months and we’ve opened the July and August weeks up for scheduling already.  I will be working a solid 40 hours those weeks at the home I’m renting to my daughter:  4230 Great Place, 80917.

2.      I am actively working to find a manual therapist to turn my practice over to and we think we have found her, but we would appreciate prayer and direction for this search.  Ideally she will begin attending appointments with me next week and you will all have a chance to meet her and she will have the opportunity to “feel” exactly what I’m working to heal and even practice my particular techniques.

3.      We plan to set up a “cabin” for patients to come visit us in Laramie along the lines of a BnB.  You would receive an afternoon/evening treatment, enjoy a home cooked breakfast with free range chicken eggs and another treatment that morning.

4.      Lastly, I can still make your orthotics and shoe modifications and even gait analysis from Laramie.  If you think you might be close to needing new orthotics, you might want to get an order in before we move and you’ll save on shipping.

I’ve been very honored to have had the privilege to care for you and your families and I know God already has patients for us waiting in Wyoming!!

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